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“I appreciate all your help and everything you have taught both of us. I lean on those tools every day. I know so much more than when I started and I am glad we found someone so gentle, present and patient. I did not realize until I got Bunny how many trainers do not understand the nuances of fear and use methods that only exacerbate it. I’m sure part of it is wanting things to go faster, to be successful, perhaps the owners push, I’m sure they do. Thank you for taking on the extraordinary, with integrity. “

Tami Anderson

We hired Maureen to help out newly adopted senior dog, Polliwog, who was having some predatory instincts towards smaller dogs. We met at our home and she taught us some exercises to help Pollie with impulse control–getting her to pay attention to us when her deep doggie brain instinct is “SMALL FURRY CREATURE, MUST CHASE AND EAT!” She also met with us at the dog park to see exactly what was going on with Pollie around other dogs. That was super helpful because that was exactly what we needed help with: the real life situation at the dog park when a yappy little dog gets up in Pollie’s face. Maureen was patient, kind, commanding, and well-educated. She was very communicative via email for any questions I had and was quick to assess Pollie’s personality, strengths and limitations. Maureen only uses positive reinforcement and as a result, Pollie was enriched and stimulated by our sessions. We began to see results pretty quickly. Any training is a process with a dog, but Maureen made it much easier and more pleasant. I would call her again if any other issues come up with Pollie.

Christine Wargo-Roberts