Maureen Backman, MS CTC PCT-A, is available for seminars and workshops both in the United States and internationally.

Learn more about the Muzzle Up! Project’s workshop and the benefits for trainers, dog guardians, and veterinary staff.

To inquire about booking an event, contact Maureen at | 415-294-1356

Upcoming calendar (check back for updates):



• July 17: Muzzle Up! training workshop in Portland, OR with Synergy Behavior Solutions.

• July 24: Muzzle Up! training workshop in Santa Cruz, CA with Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. Purchase tickets here.

• Aug 6: Muzzle Up! training workshop in Albany, NY. Purchase tickets here.

• Sept 10: Muzzle Up! training workshop in Dublin, Ireland with Wonder Paws Puppy School & Family Dog Training.

• Nov 8-11: Presenting at the Pet Professional Guild Summit in Tampa, FL.


• Nov. 11- 13 2015: Maureen Backman, MS CTC will be presenting at the Pet Professional Guild Summit in Tampa, FL.

• Oct 4: Guest on Pet Professional Guild World Services Radio, speaking about The Muzzle Up! Project and the upcoming PPG summit

• Sept 22 2015: Two professional seminars/recorded DVDs for Tawzer Dog in conjunction with Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc.

For more information on hosting seminars and workshops, contact  Maureen Backman, MS CTC PCT-A, at