Receive the highest quality training and coaching
to ensure peace of mind, success, and a rewarding training experience.
We give you less stress, peace of mind, and a great relationship
with you and your dog.

We work with dogs of all ages, puppies through seniors! Contact us for more information on how we can help you and your dog. Here is an example of some of the common behavioral issues Mutt About Town addresses:

• Housetraining • Puppy manners • Leash manners • Basic obedience • Resource guarding • Socialization • Fear-based aggression • Separation anxiety • Behavior issues specific to senior dogs and recently adopted dogs

About Maureen

Maureen Backman, MS, CTC, PCT-A is the owner of Mutt About Town, which offers private dog training services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Maureen’s particular strength is combining her knowledge of counseling along with her studies in animal learning and behavior to help humans understand how to communicate and work with their dogs. She is strongly committed to using only force-free training methods.

Maureen is the founding director of The Muzzle Up! Project. Through partnering with local businesses, rescues and trainers, not only in San Francisco but across the world, Muzzle Up! aims to educate the public about dog behavior, safety, and why we don’t need to fear muzzles.

Maureen teaches classes at the San Francisco SPCA and is a Mentor Trainer with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. She is an instructor for DogTec’s Dog Walking Academies in San Francisco and Marin. She also blogs for

She graduated with honors from Jean Donaldson’s prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, is certified in training by the Pet Professional Guild, and has a master’s degree in rehabilitation psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Why choose us?

• We use only positive reinforcement training, which is scientifically shown to produce long-lasting, effective behavior change.

• We work with you so you feel involved in your dog’s learning.

• We make training fun for you and your dog.

• We design a training program that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle.

• We are committed to continuing education to ensure best practices. What’s more, our affiliation with the Academy for Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild allows us to tap into the expertise of some of the leading figures in the positive reinforcement training field.

Events and Seminars

Maureen Backman, MS CTC PCT-A, is available for seminars and workshops both in the United States and internationally.

Learn more about the Muzzle Up! Project’s workshop and the benefits for trainers, dog guardians, and veterinary staff.

To inquire about booking an event, contact Maureen at | 415-294-1356

Upcoming calendar (check back for updates):