Spread the word: We don’t need to fear muzzles!

Muzzle Up! 
started when Maureen Backman, Mutt About Town’s owner, wanted to change the stigma trainers and dog owners face when they put a muzzle on their dog.

Through partnering with local businesses, rescues and trainers, not only in San Francisco but across the globe, Muzzle Up! aims to educate the public about dog behavior, safety, and why we don’t need to fear muzzles.

Muzzle Up! promotes safety and education on muzzles and dog behavior, and aims to reduce the stigma associated with dogs who have to wear them.

Online Training

It’s not easy finding information on how to muzzle train your dog. It’s harder still to find personalized support to guide you each step of the way. Now, you can access quality information and personalized support to help you successfully muzzle train your dog and have fun doing it. Muzzle Up! Online is an exciting new training and coaching program offered to dog owners and professionals around the world.

Erasing Stigma:

In the world of dog behavior, one of the most essential pieces of safety equipment we have is the muzzle. Unfortunately,  their appearance and the judgments associated with them prevent their usage, sometimes with tragic consequences.

It’s not unreasonable that we should be wary of muzzles. After all, their main usage is to prevent dog bites, something we’ve been conditioned to fear. But which scenario is more unsettling: Encountering a dog whose owner has taken the protective measure of using a muzzle, or encountering a dog whose owner is aware of the potential for aggressive behavior but refrains from using one? While the second dog may not look as scary, the lack of muzzle presents a much more dangerous situation.

Join the Movement:

Muzzle Up! depends on its members to educate and spread the word. Here are some ways to get involved:

– Visit muzzleupproject.com to see what we’re up to, access resources and training tips, and check out our supporting businesses and organizations.

– To get in touch and share stories and photos of your muzzle-wearing dog, email us @ muzzleupproject@gmail.com.