Maureen is a trainer who listens, really listens, and notices what others miss. She also has amazing knowledge and skill and I trust her with my own dog and with the dogs of others to whom I recommend her!

Heidi Steinbeck, CTC, Great Shakes Dog Training

Maureen is a colleague and top notch dog trainer, handler and lover. Force free trainer with a huge passion for dogs and science. Your dog will be in the best hands!

Nathalie Mosbach-Smith, Dog Connect SF Bay Area

“I appreciate all your help and everything you have taught both of us. I lean on those tools every day. I know so much more than when I started and I am glad we found someone so gentle, present and patient. I did not realize until I got Bunny how many trainers do not understand the nuances of fear and use methods that only exacerbate it. I’m sure part of it is wanting things to go faster, to be successful, perhaps the owners push, I’m sure they do. Thank you for taking on the extraordinary, with integrity. “

Tami Anderson

Maureen is so knowledgeable and caring. Her kindness and professionalism shine through in everything she does. I highly recommend Maureen and Mutt About Town for effective, positive training.

Jennifer Titus, CARE for Reactive Dogs

Maureen did some great work with one of our dogs that was adopted and needed some help with socializing. She helped our new adopters to learn useful tips and all force free methods. It is really hard to find a dog trainer that is certified in force free methods so we felt really lucky to have found Maureen.

Cathy Stanley, Camp Cocker Rescue

Maureen combines her deep knowledge of how animals learn with her desire to help people into a winning package for dogs and owners.

Ann-Marie Brady Levine

Maureen is not only an excellent trainer but she is compassionate and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!

Sarah Pennington, CTC, Yaletown Dog Training

Maureen is a terrific dog trainer. She worked closely with our family when we adopted our cocker spaniel. She helped us really understand how to communicate with our new dog. Maureen also did an excellent job helping our 7-year old daughter become a dog owner. She was very patient and thorough, and our kid responded well to Maureen’s training. In many ways, Maureen helped train the dog and train the family. We highly recommend Maureen — she’s amazing!

Dave Steer

Our rescue pit loves Maureen so much that he is waiting by the door for her to come back after our session this morning. We’re almost offended by how much he loves her but it’s totally understandable because she’s patient, fun and very friendly. She has helped us make fun games out of crate training, go-to-your-bed, and more. She’s also helped a lot with his leash reactivity by teaching us clicker training and target looks. She’s very helpful, responsive and always follows up by giving us a written version of information covered in our sessions. Maureen is a great trainer!

Hanna Ireland & George Pfau

Maureen was our savior when we brought home a new puppy. Maureen taught us how to train/raise our puppy (who to this day has never chewed on anything but her food/toys) into a happy, confident, obedient yet calm puppy. Maureen teaches in a fun, relaxed way, and  truly has  expertise in this field. She also follows up with written notes/goals to ease with recall of the lessons. We know we can always call on Maureen- she answers quickly- and truly cares about her clients- two legged or four legged….our puppy LOVES Maureen’s visits and so do we! We highly recommend Maureen for any and all doggie needs- she is the BEST!!

Dan T.

Maureen has been a wonderful trainer for our one-year-old golden retriever. I reached out to several trainers reviewed on Yelp, and she responded quickly and was very conscientious in setting up our first session. She is friendly, naturally comfortable with dogs, and highly informed. We needed help training our dog to be better behaved indoors, and Maureen had effective, manageable tips. She was able to accurately and confidently assess the situation. We followed her instructions carefully and saw immediate results. Her rates are reasonable, and she recommended only as many sessions as seemd necessary. Our dog took an immediately liking to her. The behavior change in just one week was dramatic, like night and day. I like that Maureens suggestions are practical, without being too dogmatic.She is also highly responsible in terms of regular communication. She was open to our suggesting what problem behaviors we’d most like to address. I recommend Maureen very highly for anyone looking for a trainer to address dog behavior issues!

Clifton Luke

Maureen was a lifesaver for us!  We were in need of someone to take care of our dog who had a bad case of separation anxiety during our vacation.  We were thrilled to find Maureen who took wonderful care of our Pumpkin.   Pumpkin had a fabulous time going for walks at the beach every day and making new friends with other dogs.  And during our vacation, we would get lovely photos and updates from Maureen which put our minds at ease.  Pumpkin also had other needs including having to take medication and being reactive to motorcycles and strange men which Maureen handled with ease.  Maureen’s experience, love and warmth with dogs provided a safe and fun home for Pumpkin. When we went to pick her up, Pumpkin was excited to see us but I think she was also sad to leave Maureen.

Eveline Shen

We hired Maureen to help out newly adopted senior dog, Polliwog, who was having some predatory instincts towards smaller dogs. We met at our home and she taught us some exercises to help Pollie with impulse control–getting her to pay attention to us when her deep doggie brain instinct is “SMALL FURRY CREATURE, MUST CHASE AND EAT!” She also met with us at the dog park to see exactly what was going on with Pollie around other dogs. That was super helpful because that was exactly what we needed help with: the real life situation at the dog park when a yappy little dog gets up in Pollie’s face. Maureen was patient, kind, commanding, and well-educated. She was very communicative via email for any questions I had and was quick to assess Pollie’s personality, strengths and limitations. Maureen only uses positive reinforcement and as a result, Pollie was enriched and stimulated by our sessions. We began to see results pretty quickly. Any training is a process with a dog, but Maureen made it much easier and more pleasant. I would call her again if any other issues come up with Pollie.

Christine Wargo-Roberts