300 Beautiful Names for Dogs That Start With C

Being the third letter in the alphabet, C is the representation of constant change. And therefore lack stable situations, and can also relate to moving and life transitions or vehicles that deliver goods and services. Once changes are complete, you are free to move onto something else. It can also represent consistency and therefore good for business goals, where growth, is always available.

The Letter C is symbolic for receptiveness. Openness, receiving. It is in relation to the horseshoe, the ‘other half’ or pockets. C can be in relation to Clarity, Component, Child-like, Company, Charity, Confidence. With the letter C appearing to you in dreams, visions, flashes, Photos, or waking life it tells of what is to come.

As you may see, the letter carries many meaning alongside. These meanings can be applied to animals’ naming as well, so do not worry about whether or not the meaning will be altered when you use it on your pet.

There can be many ways to categorize names, but sorting them by purpose of use is one of the best

Names for the upper-class

There have always been names that can only be used among people with wealth and power in the society. Royal families with traditions and the family names are passed for generations. In the old days, these names can only be used by certain types of people, It was regarded as illegal for commoners to use the names for their kids. Legend has it that all these royal families, except the royal bloodline, all became the upper class after any glorious victory. They got knighted by the kings or queens, and then the name they bore suddenly became the  name above many names.

Here are some popular names for people from the upper class, accompanied by their meanings:

  • Caanthus: An old name in Greece, mainly used for slave owners. The name brings sense of incredible strength and power that can be fearful to others
  • Caballergo: It seems strange but this name was first seen in Argentina. Caballergo carries the meaning of wisdom and kindness.
  • Cabaret: A name used for princesses in the old days. It means “charming and graceful”
  • Cacus: This one is a nickname for princes who are naughty and playful.
  • Cadbury: One of the lords’ all time favorite. Cadbury, just like Caanthus in Greece, brings the sense of great power and capability.
  • Cadelle: The name is a lesser-known for princesses and ladies, but its message cannot be ignored or underestimated. People name their children “Cadelle” with the hope for purity and kindness.
  • Cadence: A prince name, meaning bright and brilliant. It used to be used for princesses as well, but the name seemed to be less preferred by princesses as time went by.
  • Chiffon: Originated from the legend Griffon in the Ancient Egyptian stories, the name carries the big and great dreams of those who bear it
  • Chiquita: This one was used widely in Mexico in the past. It was very popular among upper-class people. The name expresses the naughty and tricky nature of a boy.
  • Choctaw: A nickname that does not bear any specific meaning. People loved it since it is fun to pronounce.
  • Cagney: A princess name, there are not so many meanings behind it, but still it is many people’s favorite in the old days.
  • Cajun: A Latino style name for boys. Strength and Intelligence are the virtues anyone with this name hope to possess.
  • Calculas: Calculation is the origin of this name. Parents name their kid “Calculas” wishing for intelligence and wisdom.
  • Calhoun: A British royal name. There used to be a time when this name can be used among the royal bloods only
  • Callahan: An European name, meaning “loving and affectionate”
  • Chutzpah: An Indian name, expressing excellence, honor and grace
  • Calvino: Gratitude, patience, commitment and authenticity are the virtues that anyone bearing this name would expect to have.
  • Camber: Camber is a famous name in Britain, since it means prosperity and wealth
  • Campbell: This one is a royal-by-nature name, so there are actually not much to talk about it.
  • Cichlid: An Italian name with tradition. People named Cichlid are usually honorable and faithful and trustworthy
  • Clifford: A very great name with great history. Those who are named Clifford are expected to be gentle, calm and mature
  • Cinder: As in Cinderella, the ladies bearing this name are charming and graceful as beautiful as they look.
  • Cissea: A name for female royals. The name expresses beauty and kindness.
  • Cantal: There are not much to talk about the meaning of this one. A Mexican name passed through generations with honor.
  • Caper: Caper, as in Capability used to express the hope for endurance and strength.
  • Capone: an Italian name with history. Determination, Wisdom and strength are the virtues of the Capones.
  • Capote: the name represent the hope for wisdom and intelligence.
  • Capucci: Another Italian name, mainly means gentle and kind
  • Caramba: A Brazilian name with the hope for power and social status
  • Carbonara: One of the most popular name in Mexico. The name has its own history and highly honorable
  • Clarabel: This name is an European one. Anyone bearing it is men of honor and power.
  • Claudio: The name originated in Portugal, meaning wisdom and humorosity
  • Clementine: Another British name. Parents name their kids “Clementine” with the hope for prosperity and health
  • Clide: The name means “flying high and dream big”
  • Cliff: Same as “Clifford”
  • Clooney: Another name with barely any meanings. However, the Clooney families have long and honorable traditions/
  • Carisma: This is another Portugese name, which means wealth and health.
  • Carleigh: A very and highly royal name. The number of famous and successful people bearing the name “Carleigh” has been growing since the very beginning of the name.
  • Carlisle: Another royal-by-nature name. Parents choose this name for the sense of handsomeness and royalty it brings.
  • Carlton: Being peasant and calm is the meaning of this Old English name
  • Carmichael: Saint Michael is a very important figure in the Bible, and those who are named “Carmichael” are described as the friend and fellow of St. Michael
  • Carnation: Parents naming their kids Carnation with the hope that their beauty would flourish and become magnificent as time goes by.
  • Carnegie: A Scottish name, mainly means “knowledgeable and know-it-all”
  • Clorox: Parents name their children “Clorox” with the hope that they will become gentlemen respected by others
  • Cochise: A French name that do not have any specific meanings, but has a long history and traditions
  • Colette: An Italian name that means “thoughtful, considerate and kind”
  • Carter: This is a classic one. The name Carter always brings people a sense of royalty and power
  • Cartouche is a name originated in Italy which is one of the most popular name for the noblemen in the 17th century.
  • Caruso: The name Caruso in Italian is used to imply the hope for one’s successful career in which everything goes along with each other.
  • Casablanca: A graceful name for graceful ladies. It was first seen in Britain and since then, many upper-class people all across Europe have been using it.
  • Casbah: An Indian name, used as a way to express hope for wealth and social status.
  • Cashmere: An old spelling of the word Kashmir, the city being famous for its beautiful temples. Naming children Cashmere represents the hope for timeless beauty
  • Cassandra: One of the most popular name for princesses during the 14 and 15th century. The name is chosen among the upper-class because its pronunciation is catchy and brings the sense of royalty.
  • Cassatt: This one originates from Europe. Those who are named “Cassatt” are usually humorous and nice to everyone.
  • Cassius: An old Greek name, mainly means “the perfect leader”. Parents named their kids “Cassius” with the hope for great determination and decision making skills.
  • Catalina: This one is among the most popular name for ladies in the 18s. Just like other names, beauty and great charm is the main theme of the name
  • Comanche: The name originates from the word “Commander” and is used very often in Europe in the last century due to the growing popularity and effect of the armed wars between nations. Strength, leading skills are the virtues anyone named “Comanche” would desire
  • Conchitta: A Spanish name, solely means “the loyal one”. It represents loyalty and honesty of a true companion/
  • Confetti: Making its way from the word “Confession”, this name implies the hope for honesty and honor.
  • Cayenne: Any guy with this name would want to be handsome and charming, just like the meaning of it.
  • Cecil: This name mainly means clear, or transparent, implying someone’s purity.
  • Cecilia: A famous place in Italy with beautiful sceneries and long history.

Cute names

For those who take nobility for granted and just want to praise their dog’s outstandingly cute outlook, these names are for you. Of course there can be meanings behind these names, but they don’t have to be explained in detail. When a name is cute by nature, we feel the cuteness the moment it is spoken out. If you are raising a Corgi, a Golden Retriever or a Beagle, it is sensible of you to find your pup a cute name like that. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is about the sexual orientation of the name. Some names are for cute boys, some are for cute girls, some are for both. There are not specific categorization but it makes more sense and would fit better if you select a name for the right sex of your dog.

Here are some cute names that you can pick from:

  • Cabana
  • Cadet
  • Chief
  • Chips
  • Chloe
  • Chopin
  • Cage
  • Cali
  • Calvin
  • Chris
  • Christian
  • Chuck
  • Chunk
  • Candela
  • Ciao
  • Cirrus
  • Clara
  • Captain
  • Caramel
  • Clarice
  • Clarissa
  • Claude
  • Clay
  • Clayton
  • Cleo
  • Carl
  • Carlin
  • Carlos
  • Carol
  • Carolina
  • Carrington
  • Clyde
  • Cody
  • Coke
  • Cole
  • Collin
  • Carroll
  • Carson
  • Cash
  • Castro
  • Cataline
  • Colt
  • Conan
  • Connor
  • Cedar
  • Cedric
  • Cee Cee
  • Cela
  • Celia
  • Cello
  • Chadwick
  • Chalet
  • Chamberlain
  • Cooper
  • Cora
  • Corny
  • Chang
  • Chaplin
  • Charles
  • Charlotte
  • Cheddar
  • Chelsea
  • Cruise
  • Chester
  • Chic
  • Cuervo
  • Curtis

Unique and Uncommon names

Often when people are looking for unique and uncommon names, they have very strong personalities. They want their dogs to have a name that is mostly one-of-a-kind, with no repetition or imitation. Just like the previous two categories, the Unique and Uncommon names do not regard meanings as something of great importance. There more strange and unique it sounds, the more the owners like it. Here are some names that you can pick for you dog:

  1. CB
  2. CD Rom
  3. Caan
  4. Cab
  5. Cabernet
  6. Cable
  7. Caboodle
  8. Caboose
  9. Cabot
  10. Cadillac
  11. Caesar
  12. Caffa
  13. Chicky Chiclet
  14. Chicory
  15. Chigger
  16. Chill
  17. China
  18. Chinchilla
  19. Chinook
  20. Chivas
  21. Chive
  22. Chocolate
  23. Cafe
  24. Caine
  25. Cairo
  26. Cake
  27. Calamary
  28. Calculator
  29. Calder
  30. Caldwell
  31. Caleb
  32. Caliber
  33. Calico
  34. Calkins
  35. Callisto
  36. Calloway
  37. Chopper
  38. Chopsticks
  39. Chorizo
  40. Chowder
  41. Chrism
  42. Chrome
  43. Chrystal
  44. Chubfish
  45. Chula
  46. Chump
  47. Church
  48. Churchill
  49. Calypso
  50. Calzone
  51. Camaro
  52. Camaron
  53. Cambridge
  54. Camden
  55. Camella
  56. Camelot
  57. Camembert
  58. Cameo
  59. Camera
  60. Cammomile
  61. Camp
  62. Campaign
  63. Camper
  64. Camper
  65. Camus
  66. Cacel
  67. Cancellor
  68. Cicada
  69. Cider
  70. Cinderella
  71. Cinderfella
  72. Cinnamon
  73. Cisco
  74. Citadel
  75. Citron
  76. Citrus
  77. Clapton
  78. Candice
  79. Candy
  80. Canicula
  81. Canis
  82. Cannes
  83. Canoe
  84. Canon
  85. Cappuccino
  86. Capricorn
  87. Cardamom
  88. Clarence
  89. Clark
  90. Classic
  91. Clavell
  92. Clich
  93. Clive
  94. Clone
  95. Cargo
  96. Caribou
  97. Carlotta
  98. Carmel
  99. Carmen
  100. Carmine
  101. Carnus
  102. Carob
  103. Carpool
  104. Carraway
  105. Carrera
  106. Cloud
  107. Clover
  108. Clue
  109. Clueless
  110. Coach
  111. Cobra
  112. Cocktail
  113. Coconut
  114. Cognac
  115. Cola
  116. Coleman
  117. Collector
  118. Colleen
  119. Colombo
  120. Colonel
  121. Colorado
  122. Cassanova
  123. Cartwright
  124. Casino
  125. Caspar
  126. Caspian
  127. Cassis
  128. Castaway
  129. Catamaran
  130. Columbia
  131. Columbus
  132. Comatose
  133. Combination
  134. Comet
  135. Comma
  136. Como
  137. Comstack
  138. Condor
  139. Conessa
  140. Confection
  141. Confucious
  142. Conga
  143. Congo
  144. Conjurer
  145. Connecticut
  146. Conrad
  147. Constable
  148. Constance
  149. Caviar
  150. Cedarsprings
  151. Celeste
  152. Ceno
  153. Central
  154. Cerebrum
  155. Cerutti
  156. Cezanne
  157. Challenger
  158. Chambermaid
  159. Chambray
  160. Chamois
  161. Champ
  162. Constantine
  163. Consuela
  164. Coon
  165. Coondog
  166. Coors
  167. Cooter
  168. Copper
  169. Conquette
  170. Coral
  171. Corazon
  172. Corbett
  173. Cordial
  174. Corduroy
  175. Cornelia
  176. Corona
  177. Coronet
  178. Corot
  179. Corporate
  180. Corrina
  181. Cosell
  182. Champagne
  183. Champion
  184. Chancellor
  185. Chanel
  186. Change
  187. Channel
  188. Channing
  189. Chantilly
  190. Chaos
  191. Chapstick
  192. Charade
  193. Charcoal
  194. Chardonnay
  195. Charger
  196. Charis
  197. Charmer
  198. Charming
  199. Cosmos
  200. Cottontail
  201. Counsellor
  202. Count
  203. Courvoiser
  204. Cousous
  205. Cousin
  206. Cousteau
  207. Cowboy
  208. Cowgirl
  209. Cozette
  210. Cracker
  211. Crackerjack
  212. Crackers
  213. Craig
  214. Cramer
  215. Cranberry
  216. Crash
  217. Crawdad
  218. Crawford
  219. Cream
  220. Creator
  221. Charo
  222. Chase
  223. Chaser
  224. Chasm
  225. Chatsworth
  226. Chaucer
  227. Chauffeur
  228. Chauncey
  229. Chavez
  230. Checca
  231. Check
  232. Checkers
  233. Cheerios
  234. Cheerleeder
  235. Cheers
  236. Cheesecake
  237. Cheeser
  238. Cheetah
  239. Chekhov
  240. Chela
  241. Chem
  242. Chemise
  243. Cheophus
  244. Creeper
  245. Cremora
  246. Crescent
  247. Creta
  248. Cricket
  249. Crier
  250. Crimson
  251. Critter
  252. Crock
  253. Crockett
  254. Croissant
  255. Cromwell
  256. Crouton
  257. Cruiser
  258. Crumb
  259. Crumpet
  260. Crunch
  261. Cruncher
  262. Crusader
  263. Crybaby
  264. Crystal
  265. Cucaracha
  266. Cucina
  267. Cher
  268. Cherish
  269. Cherokee
  270. Chestnut
  271. Chewbacca
  272. Cheyenne
  273. Chianti
  274. Cucumber
  275. Cudbear
  276. Cuddles
  277. Culpeper
  278. Cupcake
  279. Cupid
  280. Curly
  281. Cyber
  282. Cyclone
  283. Cyder
  284. Cypress
  285. Cyrano
  286. Czar
  287. Czech