Would you love to come home from work to a tired, content dog who has excellent leash manners?

Not every dog is a social butterfly, and that’s ok! 

We accept dogs that have been dropped from group walks or daycare because of specific behavior or health concerns.

Don’t worry if your dog is a little older and slower – we accept puppies through seniors, as well as dogs with disabilities!

Does my dog need training walks?

Training walks are a great option if:

•Your dog is nervous or shy around lots of other dogs

• Your dog is older and needs a little extra attention

• Your dog has a disability

• Your dog has behavior issues like leash reactivity, pulling on leash, or health problems that prevent him from running and playing off-leash

What are training walks?

Training walks are 1:1 with Maureen Backman, Mutt About Town’s owner and trainer, and are customized to suit your dog’s health and behavioral needs. Maureen is a DogTec Certified Dog Walker and certified in pet first aid. Walks are flexible depending on your dog’s age, health and behavioral needs. In addition to exercise, Maureen will work with you to develop a walking training program to reinforce training for behaviors like leash manners and dog-dog interactions.

Cost: $40 per walk. Discounts available for long-term walking clients.

If you think your dog needs some exercise and socialization, contact us at muttabouttownsf@gmail.com to learn more about our offerings.