Getting organized

Originally posted on Earl’s Diary.

Earl's Diary

15741136_10106161971566467_3224183597324008745_n“The benefits of keeping records of our dogs’ lives extend well beyond being able to refer to them at vet visits. Humans are notoriously bad at assessing the dates of events (Hammond 2012), and the kinds of gradual changes that are connected to a long-term condition may be the hardest of all to track.” – Eileen Anderson, Remember Me? Loving and Caring for  Dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Up until now, I’ve relied on memory and (in keeping with my generation) a history of Facebook posts to catalog Earl’s behavior and symptoms. Now that his care is getting ever more complicated with new medications, supplements and behavior changes, I need a better system of recording Earl’s behavior so I can:

  • Track behavior over time
  • provide an accurate account to our veterinarian, and
  • determine the efficacy of various treatments.

I will be adding 3 supplements to Earl’s medication regimen, which makes…

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