Why muzzles matter

The Muzzle Up! Project

813front-01-2When I first launched The Muzzle Up! Project, I developed it with three objectives:

1) Reduce stigma surrounding muzzles

2) Provide high-quality information about muzzle training and safety

3) Give owners whose dogs wear muzzles a supportive platform to interact and share ideas

Supporters from across the globe have amazed and inspired me, sending photos of their dogs living full and enriched lives while wearing muzzles. The Facebook community page has grown to almost 5,000 supporters, including leaders in the training and veterinary fields. This positive feedback shows how we as humans can use the foundations of animal learning to train dogs to enjoy wearing their muzzles and help others realize muzzles don’t have to mean a prison sentence for a life bereft of enrichment.

What sets The Muzzle Up! Project and its online training program apart from basic muzzle training available on the web is the use of parameters and games…

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